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[link text](

> Quote text
***Johnny Author***

![image alt text](image url)
***Image caption, description***

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`var name = "John Doe";`

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``` codelanguage
function foo() {
  return bar;

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- item 1
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1. item 1
2. item 2
3. item 3

Simple, effective, customizable payroll, leave and expense management for SMEs

The taxman cometh...

No worries. You're covered by the withholding tax you say... Really?

by Usamah Jamaludin

You are living 'the life'. Jetsetting across the continents, living in 5-star hotel suites and dining at only Michelin-starred establishments. When you're the big hotshot sales director - that's the way to go. And your company understands that you deserve such regal treatment - because you're bringing in all that dough. Anything to keep you entertained and motivated.

Top dog

Thing is, the taxman may not have the same understanding.

Certain countries actually have certain limits to how much can we claim over expenses incurred when working. For example, in Australia, for the travel allowances:

the amount of travel allowance you pay your employee is less than, or equal to the reasonable travel allowance rate

Claiming working expenses like a king probably sounds more regal than reasonable. At least to the taxman. That means your awesome, jetsetting life does come at a cost - additional taxes that you have to cough up to the taxman.

Kitikiti HRM emphasizes integration between its modules - leave, expense and ultimately payroll. Other HRMs with expense and payroll may claim the same - but here's a quick differentiator. Can it handle withholding tax not just for your salary, but also for your claims? And to be even more specific - certain claim types only? Or are your claims simply lumped together as a non-taxable pay component on your payslip?

You may want to have a second look at your payslips now.

So how does Kitikiti HRM do it? Simple - as usual, the keyword is configurability. We allow you to:

  • configure what expense types you can claim against
  • configure under what pay component would such expense type claim appear on the payslip
  • configure if that pay component is a taxable component, and at what percentage

First, creating expense types to claim against is easy peasy. Just go to Administration > Expense Configuration > Expense Types. You'll see a listing of available expense types, and you're free to add, modify and delete away the ones you don't need.

Expense types

But let's create one - specifically one that's taxable. There's probably a generic 'Transportation' expense type, so let's create a more regal one. Let's create the 'Maybach Limo Service' expense type, which would surely catch the taxman's eyes.

Rolling around like a king

In the following interface, you can see a field called 'Linked Pay Component'. This is basically where the amount of this claim (and others with similar configuration) would end up in your payslip.

Taxable expense type

By default in Kitikiti HRM we foresee such taxable claims, and we have created a pay component type called 'Expense Reimbursement - Taxable' to map taxable expenses into. However you can always create your own pay component type if you need to.

Finally, you want to apply tax on whatever amount this pay component has. That's quite straightforward - in most cases such expense claims are treated similar to how you're taxed on your salary. As such, you can simply add this 'Expense Reimbursement - Taxable' component type into the list of component types referenced by your tax component type. Here's an example:

Tax pay component type configuration

Now, you can claim the expenses for that Maybach Limo:

Expense report for a king

And see it reflected and calculated correctly on your payslip:

Taxable expense reimbursement on payslip

And now you're prepared. Bring it on taxman!

P/S: You can also use this not just for allowing taxable expenses. You can also channel and group different expense types to different pay component types. For example there are expense types which are employee entitlements in nature, and there are those which are incurred specifically for business purposes. You can choose to reflect this on the pay slip, and even have the ability to filter and sum through the Excel data download.

P/P/S: There's also so much more configurability we want to put into the system. For example, when it comes to taxation - the taxman may not apply it to the whole amount but rather to the amount exceeding a certain bracket. We are working on this as well!

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Keep rollin' rollin' rollin'...

by Usamah Jamaludin

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Yup, Santa is back!

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