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Simple, effective, customizable payroll, leave and expense management for SMEs

Singapore, Hong Kong and Philippines payslips

The curious case(s) of HR policies...

by Usamah Jamaludin

We spent the last few days rummaging through various references on HR policies for Singapore, Hong Kong and Philippines. And those are just 3 countries within this region, and at the same time we can't help but feel that there are both striking similarities and differences to how each country crafts their HR policies. (Note: Kitikiti HRM is developed locally in Malaysia, but we're all for global reach!).

Here are some interesting, random ones:

In Hong Kong, you can only apply for sick leave when the doctor certifies that you're sick and unable to work for 4 days straight!


So if you ate something bad for lunch and have to suffer hourly trips to the toilets until tomorrow - nope - you don't get to utilize your sick leave for that.

And even if you do get to utilize your sick leave - it's only 80% of your daily rate. So you would still undergo a paycut of 20% for each sick day you're taking. Ouch.

That being said what's etched in the labor law is usually the bare minimum, and we believe (and hope!) that companies do offer employees better in terms of sick benefits.

In Singapore, being a melting pot of different communities - the general welfare of the less fortunate people within these communities are actually legislated and financed through each employee's pay.

Help within the community

This is done via the SHG funds (Self-Help Group), where Singapore currently has four:

  • CDAC - Chinese Development Assistance Council
  • ECF - Eurasian Community Fund
  • MBMF - Mosque Building and Mendaki Fund
  • SINDA - Singapore Indian Development Association

So it'd be good to know that those small cuts (from as low as SGD 0.50 to SGD 30.00) taken from your pay are actually helping the needy, potentially raising their social mobility as well, elevating the community as a whole.

In Philippines, we see many more items on the payslips compared to what Malaysia would usually have. There are items for social security, healthcare (PhilHealth) and a home development mutual fund (Pag Ibig). All these items require both employer and employee contributions, but at the same time we believe that the contribution amounts are minimal and not excessive, especially compared against the benefits reaped.

This shows that at the very least, Philippines has got the correct thinking when it comes to planning and protecting an employee's welfare from his / her income.

Single parent

However, what we like the most are actually the leave benefits. Sure, some countries have the usual maternity and paternity leave, but it's not always that you see the law enforcing benefits for single parents by bestowing an additional 7 days worth of leave!

There are many more findings worth mentioning, but overall we have to say - we love how Philippines have legislated their HR policies.

Anyway, here are the localizations made on Kitikiti HRM for Singapore, Hong Kong and Philippines. When you signup and specify your country to be any of the three - you will immediately get your HR policies localized similar to the following output for employee's biodata and payslip:

Employee biodata and payslip for Singapore

Singapore biodata

Singapore payslip

Employee biodata and payslip for Hong Kong

Hong Kong biodata

Hong Kong payslip

Employee biodata and payslip for Philippines

Philippines biodata

Philippines payslip

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Yup, Santa is back!

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