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Simple, effective, customizable payroll, leave and expense management for SMEs

Forever free (almost!) HRM software

We've got subscription plans to cover you all the way.

by Usamah Jamaludin

Though the title and teaser text seems to be selling it a bit too much, this article is really about our latest feature - Subscription Details. It's cheap to say something is free - but now users can inspect their subscription, credits and usages. And if we're giving out free stuff - you'll see them reflected accordingly!

Accessing Subscription Details

You can view your subscription details in two ways. One is to simply go to your Company Details, and look at your current subscription. Go to Administration > General Configuration > Company Details.

Company Details Subscription field

In the above example, for the Subscription field, we see:

"Kitikiti HRM (Malaysia) - [Free] Startup Subscription [Active]"

That's basically the 'name' of our current subscription. It has the company's name, along with the subscription type and its status. Obviously, if it's the current subscription - it's an active one!

This also means that a company may have multiple subscriptions over a period of time, but only one subscription is active at any given time.

Another way to look at Subscription Details is to simply go to Administration > General Configuration > Subscription Details.

Navigate to subscription details

In here you may see a listing of subscription(s) for the company. The topmost subscription, ordered by the most recent effective date, is always considered as the 'current' subscription, or the active subscription. Those for which the effective date is before the latest one are considered old, previous, inactive subscriptions.

Subscription listing

A key thing to note here is that effective date is always at the beginning of the month. This is due to the nature of subscription credits and usages, which are in whole, monthly units. This will be detailed further in the coming section - Credits and usages.

Clicking on a subscription will yield the following screen - the subscription's details:

Subscription details

The example screen above has the following information:

  • Subscription type
    • There are 3 subscription types:
    • [Free] Startup Subscription
    • [Free] Non-Payroll Subscription
    • Regular Subscription
  • Effective date
    • Whenever we start a subscription, the effective date is set to the start of the current month
  • Expiry
    • Similarly, the expiry of a subscription ends at the end of the last month for which it has credits. In the context of forever-free subscriptions, we have no expiry.
  • Balance
    • Balance credits are only applicable if the subscription (and the monthly subscription credit) is a paid subscription. Balance is derived whenever there's lesser usage compared to available, paid credits. They can be refunded or carried over into a renewed paid subscription
  • Year
    • A subscription can run for more than a year, however the screen will only show one year's worth of information at any given time. You can look at different years by changing the selected year and clicking 'Search'.

It also has a column chart for the months of the currently selected year. For each month, we can see (when available):

  • Free credits
  • Paid credits
  • Usages
  • Balance

Further below on the same screen, you can also find a listing of monthly credits for the currently selected year in table format.

Credit listing

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Subscription types

Kitikiti HRM offers three subscription types, and if you look closely, they're catered for all phases of a company's growth. Furthermore, the first two are totally free subscriptions!

  • Startup Subscription
    • Forever-free Leave, Expense and Payroll modules!
    • For companies with up to 10 in-service (active) employees
    • Inactive (e.g resigned, retired) employees are not counted against the limit
  • Non-Payroll Subscription
    • Forever free Leave and Expense modules!
    • Create up to 4 Pay Runs for free. Easily translates up to another 4 months of free usage
    • No limit on the number of in-service employees. You can be a company with a 1000-strong workforce and still use our Leave and Expense modules for free
  • Regular Subscription
    • Free setup + 2 months of free usage / credits upon first time sign up
    • Billed annually thereafter, with monthly credits based on the in-service employee count upon start of billing
    • Increase in the number of in-service employees within the subscription period does not incur additional charge
    • Decrease in the number of in-service employees within the subscription period is counted as balance / unused credits
    • Balance can be either refunded or redeemable against next billing cycle

So if you're a startup, we'd love to grow with you. We know that having just 5 employees on the payroll doesn't quite mean you're out of the bootstrap mode, and we'd be more than happy to offer our HRM software for free.

And if you've grown to be more than 10 employees (congratulations!), fret not - we're still free for Leave and Expense modules. Those who have just come to discover Kitikiti HRM at this point also are entitled to free subscription - that is you can always use Kitikiti HRM in the following aspects:

  • Leave module
    • Define your company's off days and work schedules for your employees
    • Define your company's leave types and their approval workflows
    • Define your employees' leave entitlements
    • Allow employees to login to submit leave applications and to view their leave usage and balance
    • Allow managers to approve leave applications and keep track of their department's leave usage
    • Coming soon! - Allow employees to submit request for replacement leave / additional leave entitlements
  • Expense module
    • Define your company's expense types
    • Allow employees to login to submit expense reports, along with the receipts
    • Allow managers to approve expense reports, and to also download inspect down to each expense item in detail via Excel
    • Coming soon! - Track expense claims against predefined limits
  • Others

All the above functionalities - for free. Forever. Yup, even Santa is shocked.

Shocked Santa

And if you do decide to upgrade to Regular Subscription, you obviously get to use our Payroll module, for an affordable price of only USD $3 per employee per month. But even then, we will:

  • Give the month in which you choose to upgrade to be free. So if you upgrade sometime in say January - you don't have to pay for January at all.
  • Give 2 months' worth of free usage for first time Regular Subscription signup.

Note also that upgrading to Regular Subscription does not incur any immediate payment. You're free to further evaluate during the 2-3 months of free usage and you can back out at any time. The invoice is only generated once the free usage period ends.

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Credits and usages

What exactly is a subscription credit? On the other hand, what's a subscription usage?

Simply said, every month a company should ideally have subscription credits amounting to the number of in-service employees. For example, the fictitious company Acme Inc. has 23 in-service employees when it initially subscribed to Regular Subscription for a full year. Therefore, for each month within the subscription period - there are 23 subscription credits available.

In each month however, there may not be exactly 23 in-service employees. Sometimes you might have more (e.g due to new hires), and sometimes you might have less. We run a scheduled job each day to figure out how many in-service employees you have, and average it out over the course of a month. That monthly average is what we derive as subscription usages.

So what if subscriptions credits != subscription usages? Well, here's where we try to pump up more freebies for you:

  • If you have more in-service employees than available subscription credits for a particular month - heck - no worries. We won't charge extra.
  • If you have less in-service employees than available subscription credits for a particular month - heck - you should get your money back. In other words - the excess credits become the subscription's balance, which you can either refund or redeem against the next billing cycle. Note however balance can only be derived against paid credits.

In short:

Balance = (Paid) Subscription Credit - Subscription Usage

The following sample column chart illustrates free credits, paid credits, usages and balances across several scenarios.

Balance scenarios

In August, we have usages more than free credits. Note that there's no extra charge (no negative balance).

In September, we have usages less than free credits. Note that there's no balance derived, as the usages are offset against free credits instead of paid credits.

In October, we have usages more than paid credits. Note that there's no extra charge (no negative balance).

In November, we have usages less than paid credits. Note that there is actually balance derived.

And lastly, in December, we have usages amounting exactly to paid credits. The balance specifically for that month is 0.

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Promo codes with free credits

Free subscriptions. Paid subscriptions, yet still very generous. Can it get any better?


When you signup initially with Kitikiti HRM - you can apply a promo code.

Promo code upon signup

Actually, even after you've signed up - you can still apply a promo code, if you haven't done so (hint hint... cough cough...). Just head to Administration > General Configuration > Company Details and fill in the Promo Code field.

Promo code on company edit

Different promo codes would have different benefits, but generally they mean more free credits!

Take for example, the promo code KITIKITI2018WW (yes, this is a real promo code!). It basically creates free credits for your company, for all the months in 2018. This means you get the whole year of 2018 - for free!

But what if you already have a paid subscription running through 2018? No worries. We will still inject free credits for the months of 2018 - and shift your existing paid credits to the back, effectively prolonging your paid-for subscription period!

Just look at all those free credits (blue columns) in 2018. Hell yeah!

2018 free credits

Do watch out for more promo codes in the future!

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Upgrading, Downgrading, Recalibrating Subscriptions

So you're with Kitikiti HRM - on the [Free] Non-Payroll Subscription. You've been using the Leave and Expense modules and they work great for your organization. Everyone's clear on everyone's time-offs, and claims are easily submitted and approved.

But wouldn't it be nice if those unpaid leave applications are automatically factored into the payslip?

Or that expense report - wouldn't it be nice to have it also factored into the payslip as well. Or have the expense data built up over the years, so that when it comes to payroll reporting you can see exactly how much you're spending for those expense claims versus other pay components.

Or simply - to just have all these essentials modules in one place, without the hassle of managing HR across multiple systems.

Then it's time to upgrade. If you open up your current subscription details, there would usually be a 'subscription transition' button available next to the Subscription Type field, like below:

Upgrade button

'Upgrade' is just one of the possible subscription transitions that Kitikiti HRM has. Different subscriptions and conditions will yield different transition options. Here's the full listing:

Current subscription Transition action Resulting subscription Remarks(s)
[Free] Startup Subscription Upgrade Regular Subscription Can be invoked by user anytime.
[Free] Startup Subscription Recalibrate [Free] Non-Payroll Subscription Transitioned automatically once employees > 10
[Free] Non-Payroll Subscription Upgrade Regular Subscription Can be invoked by user anytime.
[Free] Non-Payroll Subscription Recalibrate [Free] Startup Subscription Transitioned automatically once employees <= 10
Regular Subscription Downgrade [Free] Startup Subscription Can be invoked by user anytime. Employees <= 10. Excess credits can be refunded / carried over
Regular Subscription Downgrade [Free] Non-Payroll Subscription Can be invoked by user anytime. Employees > 10. Excess credits can be refunded / carried over
Regular Subscription Recalibrate [Free] Startup Subscription Transitioned automatically once subscription expires and employees > 10
Regular Subscription Recalibrate [Free] Non-Payroll Subscription Transitioned automatically once subscription expires and employees <= 10
Regular Subscription Renew Regular Subscription Can be invoked by user anytime 2 months prior to expiry

And here's a visualization of all the possible transitions (or the finite state machine, for you geeks out there). And yes, we suck at infographics.

Subscription transitions

And remember - performing any transition doesn't incur payment, since we always buffer subscription transitions with at least one free month for you to try it out. So transition away and try it out!

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Forever-free subscription - possible?

Alright, so really it all boils down to this. Can we possibly use the full Kitikiti HRM for free? We'll let's recap.


When you initially sign up, you don't have that many employees, and you'll be on [Free] Startup Subscription. You get to fully use Kitikiti HRM!


Once you grow to more than 10 employees, or you happen to sign up with more than 10 employees in the very beginning, you'll be on [Free] Non-Payroll Subscription, which offers you forever-free usage of Leave and Expense modules, except for Payroll. But really it's still free.

Because you actually get to create up to 4 pay runs, for free, before you reach the limit. So you can technically experiment with your employee payroll configuration and tweak however much you want. You can run up to 4 pay runs, which means you can still fully use Kitikiti HRM for free up to 4 months (assuming you're on monthly payroll).

Even if you've used up that limit, everything payroll-related is still available (e.g viewing your payslips, downloading payroll data, configuring employee's pay components).

You simply just can't create new pay runs (and pay slips) anymore.



Well actually...

If you never hit the limit of 4 free pay runs, you can create pay runs, forever too.

You can discard old pay runs and create new ones, as long as the overall pay runs do not amount to the limit. One hint though - pay runs go through an approval process, and approval process cannot be deleted if it involves multiple users for approval (for audit trail purposes). You can however always delete pay runs you create and approve on your own.

Achievement unlocked

But then again we believe that with enough value, the paid subscription is fair. We want to ensure you get the most value out of Kitikiti HRM by offering and integrating the 3 essential HR modules - Leave, Expense and ultimately Payroll under one roof. It's always a work in progress - and perhaps if you give us feedback on how things could be better (we love feedback!) - you may just get some free credits / promo codes coming your way!

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Sign up for a free account on Kitikiti HRM!

We will be more than happy to assist you with your company's setup, and we'll also throw in 2 months of free usage!

No credit card required for signup, and no annoying demo appointment to be set. You get to use it immediately upon signup.

Try out Kitikiti HRM at your own pace - and you can always contact us via the support chat widget.

Even if you decide not to use payroll - the leave and expense modules are FREE to use, regardless of the your company size.

Finally, if you have 10 or less employees on payroll - guess what - everything is FREE! We want to grow with you!

Leave carry over

Keep rollin' rollin' rollin'...

by Usamah Jamaludin

Free HRM software subscription for the whole of 2019!

Yup, Santa is back!

by Usamah Jamaludin